Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome Rotary Club of Niigata Bandai ? Rotary Honolulu Sunrise

November 5: Rotary Club of Niigata Bandai, Japan, our sister club.

Help us welcome our fellow Rotarians from Japan.

Ms. Yuko Takahashi is their coordinator and speaks excellent English

Ms. Yasuko Kuriyama is the club secretary and is comfortable with English

Mr. Yuzuru Nagai is the Friendship Coordinator for the club, is comfortable with English and is an avid scuba diver.

Mr. Kazuki Koizumi is the President of Niigata Bandai Rotary Club this year.

November 3: KCC Open Market, hiking Diamond Head, cocktail party at Dave Erdman?s home. Sunday: skydiving. Monday: meeting.


The Economy is Looking Up

Bob Harrison, President and CEO of First Hawaiian Bank

Mahalo to this week?s guest, Bob Harrison, President and CEO of First Hawaiian Bank, Hawaii?s oldest and largest bank. He gave us a brief overview of the economic forecast by?First Hawaiian Bank?economist, Leroy Laney.

In a nutshell:aspects of Hawaii?s economy are beginning to show signs of recovery. Jobs are predicted to increase by 1.1 percent in 2012, and could accelerate to 2 percent in 2012, with many of the jobs related to tourism. Credit card data has shown an increase in retail spending ?by visitors, as well as higher sales in automotive, supermarket, home improvement and home furnishing sectors. While construction remains 27 precent below 2007 levels, new projects in Kakaako and eventually Leeward, are having a positive effect.?For a complete overview of First Hawaiian Bank?s economic forecast, visit Pacific Business News.

Harrison also talked about Hawaii?s need to diversify our economy beyond tourism and construction, to add more high-skill jobs and stop the ?brain drain.? He wants young people?like his children?to have opportunities in Hawaii.

Bob Harrison, First Hawaiian Bank

Programs Co-Chair Carolyn Fujioka with Bob Harrison of FHB and Stephanie Berg, MVNP.

Honorary member Wally Amos of Wamos Cookies.

Wally Amos, of Wamos Amos, is encouraging parents to read to their children for 10 minutes ?every day.

Welcome to prospective members?Dean Spagnoli and Clint Dodson.

More good news: Mary Benson has submitted her membership application.

Masa Edamura, prospective members Dean Spagnoli and Clint Dodson, Membership co-Chair Jerry Hofwolt, Mohammed Rouf

Support Family Programs Hawaii

Linda Santos, LSW, ACSW, President & CEO of Family Programs Hawaii

On December 1st, Family Programs Hawaii will be holding their holiday party for families with foster children. Many of the children attending have siblings who live separately, making their time together especially meaningful. You can support Family Programs Hawaii by purchasing a table or making a donation, but unlike other functions, the party is for the kids so you don?t have to attend. However, they could use a few more volunteers.?For information, call (808) 521-9531 or contact Linda Santos at? (Mahalo to First Hawaiian Bank for being a major sponsor of this event.)

Support eGlohal Family

eGlobal Family is having a fundraiser to benefit the children of Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia on?Sunday, December 2 at?Duc?s Bistro in Chinatown. There will be fine silk scarves and other woven gifts for sale. eGlobal Family was founded by former Honolulu Sunrise Rotarian, Rob Hail. For information, email Jan Taketa at?

Niigata Bandai Polo Shirts for Sale

Niigata Bandai polo shirts for sale

Dave Erdman has a few Niigata Bandai embroidered shirts available for sale, so let him know if you?d like to buy one. For details, contact?

Read to Me

it?s Jerry on the left and John on the right, getting us excited about reading.

It was the Jon and Jerry show again this week, with more compelling reasons to read to the students at Lincoln Elementary School. If you?d like to volunteer, email John Ball at?

First Wednesday of every month,?12:30-1:00PM,? 2 readers. Please bring Vanilla Oreos (no peanuts).
First Thursday of every month,?2:15-2:45PM,? 2 readers. Please bring Vanilla Oreos?(no peanuts).
Every Thursday,?12:30 -1:00PM in Ms. Anne Uyeda?s class, 1 reader, no treats needed.


Mark Your Calendar

Nov 3 ?INT. SVS: KCC Open Market and Diamond Head hike with Niigata members, potluck dinner at Dave Erdman?s.

Nov 5?? MEETING: Niigata Bandai guests

Nov 8 ? DUTCH LUNCH: Cafe Julia in the YWCA

Nov 12? Veterans Day Holiday

Nov 19 ?MEETING: Past District Governor Ayman El Dakhakhni, ?Update on Egypt and the Middle East?

Nov 20 ?COMMUNITY SERVICE: YO! House Thanksgiving




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